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I've had many people tour Ireland with me on Innisfree Tours... and The Netherlands on The Turning Point Tours, and several of those poeple have asked me-- "Where are you/we going next ?!" Well, the answer is SCOTLAND ! I love Scotland and we've put together a fantastic 9 day tour that includes 3 days in one of my favorite European cities- Edinburgh - and 3 days on the stunning and majestic Isle of Skye and 3 days up in the Highlands. We've got a delightful informed guide for days 4 through 9 who will guide us through the sites and history and music and culture. I hope you'll consider joining us ! I'm working on finalizing the itiierary. I'll be happy to send along what we've got in store-- here are the dates:

2018 Scotland Tour- JULY 20-28

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