I pursued an MFA in Theatre at The University of Michigan, and from there spent time in Regional Theatre and lived briefly in NYC, then Chicago, where I became active in a vital theatre scene-- working at The Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf, Victory Gardens...I began taking a few guitar lessons and hanging out at The Old Town School of Folk Music. WIth a few finger-picking lessons under my belt, I began to write and put together a large band-- Tim Grimm and The Truehearts. Around this same time, I began to get more auditions for film and television projects-- and landed roles in films like BACKDRAFT (a scene with Donald Sutherland and DeNiro). I was cast in the television version of STEEL MAGNOLIAS and shot that pilot in North Carolina. The series didn't go, but the project landed me in LA- where I began to guest star on episodic tv and shot some movies of the week, and within a year landed a series regular role on NBC's REASONABLE DOUBTS- with Mark Harmon and Marlee Maitlin. The show lasted for 2 years (long by Hollywood standards) and from there, I shot more tv movies and  feature films. My wife and I decided to leave LA about the time our kids started school. Several of my friends, thought I was crazy-- because the work was still coming in, but I don't regret the move. It's certainly harder to find the film/tv work based in the Midwest-- and also tricky being available for projects while maintaining a busy tour schedule, but it all seems to work out. When I'm really lucky, I'm able to blend the music and acting in the same project.

2017- Wrote the music (along with The Grimm Family Band) for FINDING HOME: INDIANA AT 200 at the Indiana Repertory Theatre- for Indiana's Bicentennial. The Family and I all performed live for a multi-week run, and the production was filmed by WFYI- Indianapolis PBS affiliate. We also created an album/cd of the same name.

2016- I wrote music for the stageplay- TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD at Indiana Repertory Theatre. Performed music and songs live for the show AND played Sheriff Heck Tate.

2015- My song, THE LAKE (The Turning Point), was in the soundtrack for the feature film- A WALK IN THE WOODS, starring Robert Redford. I also played Mike in the Tony-award winning play- GOOD PEOPLE, at Asolo Rep Theatre in Sarasota, FL

2014- THE GRAPES OF WRATH stageplay at Asolo Rep Theatre in Sarasota. I had originally acted and performed original music is this play in 2004/5 at Syracuse Stage in New York and Indiana Repertory Theatre. It was great to revisit this masterpiece after 10 years !

2012- Look for the release of AT ANY PRICE -- an independent feature film, starring Dennis Quaid and Zac Effron. Directed by Ramin Bahrani-- dubbed one of the top directors of the decade by Roger Ebert. It's a film about a family and their farm, broken dreams and the politics of seeds. It's being shopped at Cannes and Venice Film Festivals-- should be in public release later this year. I was happy to be back at The Indiana Repertory Theatre this past Spring-- in the tony-award winning play- GOD OF CARNAGE, and in early summer I was back at The Phoenix Theatre (Indianapolis) in a new theatrical piece- FOREVER SUNG- Songs on Aging.

Filmography (features)-

AT ANY PRICE  ( see above)

SLICE OF PIE (an independent short that played in more than 30 film festivals, winning several awards- my song, THE LONG WAY AROUND is the title track)

FORMOSA BETRAYED  (independent film with John Heard and James VanDer Beek- I played his father in the original Dawson's Creek pilot)              

THE EXPRESS  (film about first african-american to win the heisman trophy- with Dennis Quaid- I play a racist coach)

 JOSHUA  (nice to work with Academy-Award winner, F. Murray Abraham. I'm the Bishop-- not the first time playing a man of the cloth)                           

THE INSIDER (worked with director Michael Mann and actor, Russell Crowe)                                                           

MERCURY RISING  (Alec Baldwin's bodyguard-- flew to LA for more shooting, but sent home because of script changes)                                             

UNCLE SAM  (horror movie ! much fun to shoot and a great scene I shot with Issac Hayes)                                                           

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER (you've probably seen it-- and occasionally people still recognize me from it. Harrison Ford was gentleman)            

BACKDRAFT (my first big film, shot in chicago)                                                           

MISS MISSOURI ( a french independent film - shot in the midwest- I was one of the leads- an impossible film to find)                                                   




SHAUGHNESSY: THE IRON MARSHALL     (I  always had wanted to shoot a western ! The cover of my cd, WILDERNESS SONGS AND BAD MAN BALLADS is a still of me from this show)    

FROGMEN    (co-starred with OJ Simpson. While we were in post-production, the white bronco chase came on television. This will never see the light of day)                                                                       

VOICES FROM THE GRAVE                                    

PRECIOUS VICTIMS                                                      




PANDORA'S CLOCK                                                     

     1 Hr- Episode

CHICAGO CODE                                                             

DETROIT 187                                                                     

PRISON BREAK                                                               

TURKS              (- a nice recurring role as "Father Tom" )                                                                             

EARLY EDITION                                                             

AMERICAN GOTHIC                                                     

MELROSE PLACE                                                          

JAG                            (- shot 2 episodes over a couple of years)                                                                               

SWEET JUSTICE                                                             

LOIS AND CLARK                                                         

REASONABLE DOUBTS  (2 seasons as "bruce"- the unsympathetic husband of Marlee Mailin's character. The second season, I've gotten out of prison, am disbarred and become a blues singer for 2 episodes-- doing a John Prine tune and a Townes Van Zandt tune on NBC)                                       

GABRIEL'S FIRE                                                             

     1/2 Hr- Episode

THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW                             

HOME IMPROVEMENT                                              




THEATRE (a partial list)


GOD OF CARNAGE                                        Indiana Rep

PRINE: A TRIBUTE CONCERT                  Viaduct Theatre & Phoenix Theatre

IMMORAL IMPERATIVES                          Victory Gardens

BLUFF                                                               Victory Gardens & Phoenix Theatre

THE BERLIN CIRCLE                                   Steppenwolf

THE MEMORY OF WATER                         Steppenwolf

MILLFIRE                                                        Goodman/Apple Corps- NYC

THE ROVER                                                     Goodman

INHERIT THE WIND                                      Indiana Rep                     (also composer- live music onstage)

GRAPES OF WRATH                                      Syracuse Stage/IRT           (also composer- live music onstage)

RED BADGE OF COURAGE                         Indiana Rep

AN ALMOST HOLY PICTURE                     Centre Stage- IRT- The Chester Theater

ART                                                                     Indiana Rep

DINNER WITH FRIENDS                               Indiana Rep

ON THE RAZZLE                                            Cleveland Playhouse

THE COMMON PURSUIT                              Madison Rep

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